how important is it to have a finance internship freshmen summer?

<p>i want to go into consulting or ibanking and get a big name/impressive internship sophomore or junior year. i know it's really important to have experience in order to get one of these internships...but i can't find anywhere (not even pwm!) that wants to hire a freshmen who isn't even a business major for this summer. thus far i have an internship with a really awesome nonprofit that works with refugees and an internship in a law firm (with lots of handson experience including going to court with the lawyer im working for). i also have an offer at an appraisal tax firm but it looks ridiculously boring and it's super far so i doubt i'll take it. i'm still looking for something finance related, but if i can't land anything am i totally screwed?</p>

<p>you're a freshman. do something interesting in your freshman summer. it's perfectly normal for freshmen not to get these gigs - many sophomores don't land them either. it'd be great if you took the nonprofit one for some valuable exposure overseas. even better if it's not in an english-speaking country.</p>

<p>from what i've heard it's just that much harder to secure an internship junior year if you didn't have one to begin with sophomore or freshmen year... is this not true?</p>

<p>No. People at my school got internships with BB, consulting firms, and even hedge funds and PE firms, in their junior summer without having a prior formal internship.</p>

<p>High GPA is key to securing an internship in jr. year.</p>

<p>NOT IMPORTANT! I just got a great Jr year BB IBD internship and I was a camp counselor for the last 2 years.
I know you'll tire of hearing this but network, network, network like crazy!!!
You'll be ok if you know what you want to do with your life at this stage</p>

No. People at my school got internships with BB, consulting firms, and even hedge funds and PE firms, in their junior summer without having a prior formal internship.


<p>Which school do you attend?</p>

<p>"Which school do you attend?"</p>


<p>I've heard of people interning with a big 4 and eventually landing an IBD internship. You don't need finance experience per se but it helps to have it. Try to get a PWM internship at the very least; that seems to be the launching pad for most aspiring I-bankers.</p>

<p>i worked in software after my freshman year and then worked in banking after my sophomore year and will be going back this summer..</p>

<p>not important</p>

<p>I go to an HYP school, and was wondering what's considered a "high" GPA for a junior with no previous banking experience...3.7? 3.8?</p>

<p>Are you kidding me...there are people who haven't done a single finance internship and got GS/Blackstone their junior summer. Trust me, banks don't want a class full of A type finance nerds</p>

<p>^^ Yes astonmartin but are these kids HYPW solely?</p>

<p>I thinK OP and myself (I am upcoming freshman at Penn Non-Wharton) are more interested in the question: What internships would be helpful pre-junior summer for landing a BB IB junior summer?</p>

<p>Will it be feasible out of Penn non-wharton?</p>

Will it be feasible out of Penn non-wharton?


<p>Yes, it will.</p>

<p>I had nothing meaningful freshman year and got into Barclays as a sophomore through on campus recruiting without any connections, etc.
Just keep your GPA up and you should be fine come junior year.</p>

<p>How you get SA as a sophomore? I just finished fresh. year and decided to caddy and make some money this summer. Also taking a summer class. I thought that this is prob. my last summer to enjoy myself so im just taking it easy. I already have abroad work experience at Barclays though so my situation is probably unique.</p>


Yes astonmartin but are these kids HYPW solely?


<p>Lot's of DD sophomore classmates are heading to GS, MS and other I-Banks for coming summer internships.
Does having a freshman, sophomore internship help land junior year internship? YES
Will it be impossible to get junior year internship without that? NO</p>

<p>uhhhh, I'm going to Ohio State. So I'm probably going to need an internship after freshman year, right?</p>

<p>I got into some "better" schools for business like USC, Michigan, but I could not afford them. Might think about transferring, might be able to afford 2-3 years of school at an expensive school. Really wanted to go to UVa but was denied so I might try and transfer there.</p>

<p>You don't need a freshman internship even if you go to OSU. Just focus on high GPA (>3.5) + sophomore internship + networking and you'll be fine for getting front-office positions.</p>