how important is job expereince?

<p>i skipped a grade when i was little, so I JUST turned 16 and i am now a obviously i didnt have enough time to get a job...will colleges know that?</p>

<p>Only very few colleges care about ECs. Which are you targeting? A job is like another EC. Many kids don't ever have one.</p>

<p>Well, I disagree that few colleges care about ECs. I'd say, few colleges care whether it's tennis or track, vol'g at a hosp versus a soup kitchen, math bowl vs MUN. But your choice of ECs - and your experience with them- can tell adcoms a great deal about your energy and drive, maturity and judgment, perspective and willingness to move outside your comfort zone. </p>

<p>A job is not needed. When a kid does have one, since most involve working for adults, it can be a positive. It's all taken in context.</p>