how important is math to wharton?

<p>i was thinking about applying to wharton, but i think my math ability will probably hold me back. i usually get a low A in class, around 92 or so.
9th grade: gifted geometry
10th grade: gifted algebra II
11th grade: gifted pre-calculus
next yr: gifted ap bc calc<br>
(these are the highest leveled course my schools offer)
i got a 720 on the sat I math, i could probably raise it. I haven't taken the iic, but i have to, don't I?<br>
from what i've heard, everyone who goes to wharton is a math genius. what do u think?</p>

<p>Math is important. Calc BC senior year is fine, but get that SAT I score up.</p>

<p>def take sat 2c</p>

<p>Math Is Important.</p>

<p>780+ 2c, 800 sat math, take bc calc, take multi var + diff equations, take stats, take whatever else rigorous math classes that you could find</p>

<p>what happens if you get a b+ in calc bc as a junior... cuz those damn ti-89's are killin my curve...</p>

<p>sadly, math is probably my worst subject.
i got a C- frosh year in alg (pulled it up to a final grade of a B)
3 on the bc test (jr yr)
and a 720 IIC
no math class this year
holy crap... how did i get in</p>

from what i've heard, everyone who goes to wharton is a math genius. what do u think?


<p>I REALLY doubt that that is true.</p>

<p>Puhahhaha math geniuses who FAIL math104 and stat101! lol</p>

<p>I currently have an 86 average in BC Calculus and received a 660 Math IIC and 670 Math IC. I still got in class of '09 :)</p>

<p>ataforce and christopherson, how well did u do in all your other subjects?</p>

<p>um. my GPA was a 3.91 unweighted (we don't weight or rank) at the end of jr yr.. straight A final grades soph and jr year (i did get A's in math despite doing crappily on the actual ap test) except for one A- final grade for physics</p>

<p>4 AP classes by that time and all honors classes possible. so a "rigorous" course load i guess</p>

<p>as for SAT IIs, i got a 780 writing, 720 UShistory</p>

<p>I'm currently taking 4 AP's this year (Econ, English Lang, World History, and BC Calc). I am doing fairly well in all of them, my average is a 90ish out of 99. For Sat II's, I got a 770 Writing and 710 US History as well. I also got a 5 on AP US last year. For SAT I: 1520 (780 V, 740 M). Hope this helps :)</p>

<p>ok you don't have to be a math genius to get into/do well at wharton. I'm currently a freshman (haha taking a little break from studying for finals). When I applied I had a 650 math Sat I, and a 600 math IIC Sat II. I took up to math AB in h.s.,did well in it because my teacher was ridiculously easy and got a 4 on the AP test. As you can see, I'm not even close to being a math genius - math has actually always been by far my worst subject. </p>

<p>at wharton you'll have to take math104 (equivalent to BC) and stats101 and stats102. Those are pretty much all the math classes you'll have. There is also math in other subjects like accounting, finance, etc. </p>

<p>However, not being a math genius, I've done relatively well in my math classes at wharton. Last semester I got all As except math104 where i got a B+ (however, i did work my ass off all semester to do well). This semester all As as well even in stat101. </p>

<p>So as you can tell you dont have to be a math genius to get into wharton nor do you need to be a math genius to do well in wharton. If you are competent in math then you should be fine. </p>

<p>since i've been on CC for like 2 years I know what questions I will get from some of you. How did you get into wharton?
The rest of my SAT IIs were 800s, my SAT verbal was 650 (SAT total 1300), I speak 3 languages fluently (I am proficient in another 2), I was top 2% of my class at a prep school, I got a 35 on my ACT, I took 12 AP tests (all 4s and 5s),ECs: president of NHS, president of French Honor Society, community service, varsity and club soccer (club soccer team placed 2nd in the nation 2 years in a row), internship at UBS, and i worked at the Mexican Consulate (organized president fox's visit to phoenix). btw, I was not recruited by penn or any d1 teams. I was only recruited by some d3 teams like uchicago, emory, wustl, and nyu.
-I applied as international (english in not my native language - it was the third language i learned) although i went to h.s. in the states.</p>

<p>thanks for that post, bern. i liked calc a lot. i just didn't really study hard or do my hw. and since i'm not naturally good at math, that didn't turn out too good.</p>

<p>My friend who got into Wharton didn't have exceptionally high math SAT scores but still got in just fine! You need to be good with math but I don't think that having 760-800s are prerequisites.</p>