How Important is Religion?

<p>Loyola looks like an interesting private school option for me, but I'm concerned about the importance of being Jesuit. I'm not a religious person. Is this going to be a problem for me academically or socially if I enroll?</p>

<p>i don't believe it will at all. most of the catholic schools are not going to force religion on you. It's certainly there if you want it but there's no obligation to take part.</p>

<p>My D is about to be a freshman there. You wd have no trouble at all. I am guessing that most of the students wd check off "Catholic" in a census form, but please do not think that means most, or even more than three, of them are on their knees saying the Rosary every night. </p>

<p>Everyone at the school takes the core curric. and that does mean you wd take "Theo 201" but there are about 30 sections of it and most of them are more about ethics & social responsibility kinds of things than Cath. theology per se. Though you can certainly take those courses if you want to. You can go to their website's online catalog and look at all of them & see for yourself what is offered. </p>

<p>The students will not give a darn what religion you are or are not. Not to worry.</p>