How important is senior class schedule?

<p>I've had a challenging schedule freshman-junior years (lots of AP's, honors) But next year all I'm planning to take is AP Gov, AP Chem, and an English Class. (My school's on a block schedule so I am basically taking a 3x2 schedule instead of a 4x4) I'm not completely slacking off because I'm taking a multivariable calculus class at the local college and I'm going to be presidnet of Key Club...but still...does that look bad?</p>

<p>sunriseap, take the most challenging course you can take. If that's the most challenging course schedule you can have, it's fine. You're probably fine, as long as you're not slacking. If you were a college admissions officer, you wouldn't want to accept someone who worked really hard junior year and took it easy senior year. Just try getting into the hardest schedule.</p>

<p>Colleges like to see an steady increase in the level of difficulty of classes taken as well as the most challenging course load possible. I would suggest you add an additional class if you can, a language class perhaps or an AP History class? because it can look bad to take fewer classes your Senior year than in your Jr year. Pres of a club is not a substitute for a class.</p>