how important is summer after sophomore year

<p>i didnt get into any phenomenal lengthy programs this year. it wont really affect my chances at top schools will it?</p>

<p>what i'm doing:
allexpense paid enviro research in cali for almost 2 weeks
a leadership summit for a week
volunteering [i guess you could call it interning] with my city enviro education coordinator</p>

<p>the reason i ask is b/c ever since i was rejected from my dream program and was given a hard time about it i've been rather insecure about my summer plans</p>

<p>bleh advice pl0x.</p>

<p>^Your plans for the summer seem fine; I do not think they will negatively affect your chance of admission into "top" schools.</p>

<p>I don't think the summer after sophomore year is that significant- at least, not as much so as the one after junior year.</p>