How important is the 4th year of a foreign language.

<p>So I never realized that I needed an art credit till this year(junior).</p>

<p>Right now I dropped my 4th year of German to take Music Theory.
But everyone says that taking more the three years is VERY important, it is very common to take five years of a Language at my school.</p>

<p>So I've considered doing my art class at a Community college but it would be such a hassle, and would suck into my time (lots of time commitments).</p>

<p>So I'm wondering is the fourth year of a language really important?</p>


<p>Depends. Whats your intended major?</p>

<p>Absolutely not important. I got in to three UCs and I only took 3 years of Spanish.</p>

<p>Not important at all. My son got into all the UC's he applied to (including Berkeley and UCLA) with three years of foreign language. Three years is important. Four years is extra.</p>

<p>what they said, there are only a few people at my school who take more than 3 years of language. mostly because the spanish 3 and higher classes are taught by this one ***** who everyone hates.</p>

<p>It might be important, depending on the major! If someone would like to study French, then the person should take 4 years of French in order to have a better chance getting in!</p>

<p>I want to study Physics, so I guess I'm fine.</p>

<p>Thanks Guys.</p>