how important is this?

i was inducted into national honor society and french honor society in the grade but later that year i got dismissed and now im applying to college…idk if i should put that i was in the honor societies without saying that i was dismissed…or should i just leave it out???
thanks for the imput

<p>Leave it out. If you put down you were in them only a year, the adcoms would wonder why you left those organizations.</p>

<p>thanks, but couldnt i put it under honors instead of organizations...and just say that i was invited to join or something...or they would figure out anyways...thanks again</p>

<p>Why were you dismissed from the organizations?</p>

<p>ANY mention that you were invited to join or were in those organizations could lead to your having to explain why you didn't accept the invitation or are no longer in those organizations.</p>

<p>i got into a fight with some guy...and even though i didnt start i beat him up and the school blamed me for it so they threw me off all the honor society's except the math one</p>

<p>In that case, you should not mention them.</p>