How is a Regis High School

Is Regis High School in New York City conservative?

I don’t have a child there, but that’s what I’m hearing. The school has become more conservative in recent years.

Would love to hear from someone who attends the school to confirm / deny.

More so in years past, for sure. My son attends. AMA.

See below.

It’s all relative and it really depends on your definition of conservative. Compared to NYC public high schools, Regis could be considered very conservative. But compared to the rest of the country, some would consider the school fairly liberal.

One thing is for sure, it’s the best Catholic high school in the country and very tough to get accepted, especially considering the price. Most NYC boys who want to go to Catholic high school don’t even bother applying…just too tough.

Gaining entrance to Regis is a lifelong gem. It’s name carries weight around the country.

Good luck.

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Most NYC boys who want to go to Catholic high school don’t even bother applying…just too tough.

That’s not really true. Many, many Catholic boys apply to Regis.

Agree that many do. But when you call to ask for an application, they ask screening questions, which would exclude ‘most’ boys.

Most boys apply to Xavier, Fordham Prep, Xaverien, Farrell, and Saint Peter’s Prep in Jersey City.

My son will be applying to Regis next year - can you guys/gals give some advice / tips on what helped your kids got in? I know our school nominates one or two kids a year, and sometimes one kid may qualify to the interview round. But no one has been accepted so far.

What can we do to “go all the way” next year? I know good grades / HSPT test are a must, and my child has that. What can we do during the application process / write in the essays that will help? Or what can we do during the interview (if we make it that far) to make a positive difference?

Happy Holidays!

“Most boys apply to Xavier, Fordham Prep, Xavarien, Farrell.”

I don’t see St Peter’s Prep mentioned here much. I thought it’s pretty good school, perhaps on par with Xavier and/or Fordham (except it’s across the river in Jersey City)? Anyone know if that’s the case?

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No, they don’t. The application is online.

Yes, good school.

LOL. MY youngest attends SPP. Don’t tell him I forgot his school.

Will edit my list now.

So no w anyone can apply? You don’t need to be a baptized Roman Catholic or have a 90 or above average?

You must be baptized Roman Catholic. There is no hard-and-fast rule about averages but rule of thumb is 90+.

Don’t worry about the interview. By that point they know who they want. They are just giving the few kids on the bubble a chance to shine or disappoint. Good recommendations from someone like parish priest or CCD director can go a long way. GL. I have very mixed feelings about the school but the academics are certainly top-notch.

Yes, the application is online, but you need your school to nominate you, which will then send a link to you to apply. You cannot go to the Regis website and start an application there “out of the blue”.

For public schools, someone already mentioned that you can call their admissions and they’ll evaluate you before sending an application link to you (or not).

Not if you are a public school kid. My son and I went to a Catholic high school fair when he was in 8th grade and sought out the Regis DoA, who said, “Would you like to be nominated?” That was it. It’s pro forma.

@hillybean What? They already “know” if you’re admitted or not when they interview you? I mean they already have a good solid idea by then? Really?

I always thought based on the numbers that if you make it to the interview, you have a 50-50 chance to get admitted, so the interview is really important (I had assumed that’s when the decision is made).

If they already know, then why bother with the interview? I mean half of the kids will be disappointed, having thought they had a “real” chance since they made it to the interview.

Maybe you are missing my point. First of all I truly think Regis is one of the best high schools in the country. Second, I agree that many thousands of boys apply. My point is that MOST boys don’t bother because of the difficulty in gaining acceptance (think Harvard).

There are many many other great all-boys Catholic high schools in NYC. The majority of boys apply to those schools.

Not half. Not that many are invited. The ones they want and the ones that they think might be able to make a case for themselves. They just want to make sure their instincts are right. That you are smart, well-spoken and really, really want to go to Regis (and this wasn’t your parents; idea; helpful hint: don’t mention all the other private schools you applied to and would prefer to attend if accepted.)

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