how is at&t in la jolla?

<p>i'm currently with verizon, but i want to get the iphone 4.. can anyone tell me how good (or bad) at&t service is in la jolla?</p>

<p>Oh, good question. I'd like to know how is Verizon. Just got the Droid Incredible.</p>

<p>verizon is better (imo). I have verizon and i only lose reception in a handful of places (some lecture halls). I have friends with att that get less reception</p>

<p>I have AT&T and the service is fine.</p>

<p>To be honest... Verizon has some spotty connection on campus (my friends with verizon always lose service when I talk to them)</p>

<p>At&t has a tower right next to (or on) campus, so service is great everywhere. I'll lose reception on occasion in the lecture halls but thats when I sit all the way in the front row of class.</p>

<p>the moral of these comments is that you'd be fine with either service carrier.</p>

<p>lol exactly..just dont get t mobile lmao</p>

<p>^ my gf and I have iphones and we've been getting horrible service lately in our apartment (the same area where 90% of the off campus apartments are). We can't make a single call without it dropping at some point. We have the old, non-3g ones though so I don't know if it makes a difference</p>

<p>I have ATT with spotty reception off-campus in the Ralphs/Vons area so I always get dropped calls. Ugh.</p>

<p>i have att with (iphone 3gs) and both the edge and 3g networks work well in la jolla and on campus.</p>


<p>is T-mobile really bad? ):</p>

<p>T Mobile is AWFUL in San Diego.......</p>

<p>I had it my first quarter at UCSD and wanted to die. My phone didn't work anywhere and was out of service in every lecture hall when my Verizon friends had perfect service. Luckily, my contract went up in december so I was able to switch.</p>

<p>does it matter if i'm getting a blackberry on the tmobile service? doesn't having a blackberry change the service or something or no? i already ordered it and everything :(</p>

<p>^I donno people literally laughed at me when I said I had T-mobile. seriously NO ONE has it in socal I guess! And for a good reason!</p>

<p>lol my bf has T-mobile. Its seriously a battle every time I try to reach him. Sometimes it just goes straight to voice mail, or will just keep ringing forever, and on his side he never gets my voicemails, texts, or calls, and towers will go out randomly. very frustrating. Then he'll get them all 12 hours later. He doesnt have a blackberry, but I think their so cal service is just so spotty no matter what. He's the only one I know with their service</p>

<p>So is it true that there is an ATT tower by the campus?
Just came back from orientation and i have to say that my experience with verizon was slightly shaky, always moving myself to receive a signal.
My ATT friends that i met seems to be doing fine so would like some more input on this topic please</p>

<p>i have verizon (blackberry tour) and i've never had an issue with reception, even in lecture halls.
my roommate had at&t (iphone 3g) and had reception in some places better than others, however she did drop her phone and cracked the screen, which could have affected her service? i don't really know if that's possible but whatever.</p>

<p>your service could also depend on which phone you have on either carrier</p>