How is Brandeis Financial Aid?

I calculated my EFC on their net price calculator and its pretty affordable for my family. However, I’ve heard that Brandeis gives terrible financial aid. Is this true?

It is true unless you are a recruited athlete or have some other hook.

I would say that the Net Price Calculator is pretty accurate. My actual financial aid package was on par with what I expected. I’m pretty sure I got a little more, actually.

I’ve been looking on their website and can’t find out how they handle outside scholarships… seems that most (but not all) schools reduce loans and workstudy funds first and then reduce financial aid grants. Anyone know for sure how Brandeis handles it? Thanks for any info!

So I was reading back to a thread for the class of 2021 and it sounds like the Brandeis Financial Aid that was offered was not need-blind. We had been told at the Brandeis tour and on their website that all financial need would be met. But, on the thread I was reading some said that the package they got had the family responsible for 200% of the EFC. Is that just a few of the students that are accepted, or is that common (EFC isn’t the gauge that the school uses)? Would totally change our outlook on whether my daughter can go to Brandeis.

Brandeis requires the CSS, so FAFSA EFC is likely not the financial aid they commit to meet.

We we’re offered a generous need-based financial package. Went back for an appeal and were treated with great kindness. I was very impressed!

The Admissions office says that merit and need-based aid can NOT be stacked, but outside scholarships CAN be stacked with institutional aid.