How is CM on merit aid?

<h1>2 son heard from CM coach that he did get in - and did get into the progra he wanted - so now we are waiting on the official letter as well as the money letter......hoping they are at least decent....I doubt we will get any need based because ex hubby's numbers factored in.</h1>

<p>Wait kitkat82, did your son get the "IN" magazine from CMU. Because it would be extremely helpful to know!! THANKS! Congratulations to your son and your family!</p>

<p>And I heard CMU has great aid. People have gone there for basically free of charge. When you say "Ex", are you divorced and want to know if the other parent's numbers will affect aid?? I would talk to the CMU office for specific details because it is a special case.</p>

<p>Nothing official received yet - just heard from the coach he has been talking with during this process. Hoping he has the real story! </p>

<p>Yep, divorced for 10 years. I know from experience with #1 son that ex hubby will not pay a dime toward school. (he thinks he has already paid via child support - oh well!). He has lots of opinions and thoughts on WHERE the guys should go and what they should do, but at the end of the day, the wallet is locked shut. I did talk with CMU office - they were actually alot nicer about it than some of the other schools he has applied to about this issue. </p>

<p>Although free of charge would be great (hahaha) I just hope we get something. Without ex, our FAFSA puts him at an EFC of 16k. I can actually do more than that if I need to....but not the 52k price full freight price tag!</p>

<p>I know what you mean. Well, I think that you should not give them "his" numbers if it affects your aid that much. You could always manage the first year somehow and try to get aid from the second year onwards. Loans are always good as long as they come from the university or a legit program sponsored by the government. Cuz at the end of the day CMU is a great school to attend and it will help your son succeed in whatever field he chooses. Its Top 20!</p>

<p>Yep after the first year it doesnt look like his numbers factor in. Hopiing for at least a LITTLE - that would make it doable!</p>

<p>KitKat82, great to hear that CMU is good about non-contributing, non-custodial parents. We're in the same position, my ex is won't lift a finger either. Apparently, the whole idea of college has caught him buy surprise - can't really blame him, he's only known since 1989 that college would start in 2008. No time to plan, really. Fortunately, I can still make it work. The real loss is his, frankly. </p>

<p>Sounds like you've been through this once before with your older son - any advice for us newbies? </p>


<p>My son is also an athlete (different sport that KitKat82's son) that received a call from the coach on Wednesday evening. Coaches were informed of the offers going out to prospective student/athletes on Wednesday but the "Official" letter of Admission will come via USPS. </p>

<p>No word on financial aid/scholarship awards. I wonder if the aid figures will come with the Admit letter? </p>

<p>My son is so ready for all of this to be over! He is fortunate to have many offers, BUT it only makes his decision that much harder to make. Most of his friends and other top athletes in his sport have already made their decisions known. My son and I leave early Monday morning for a four day, two college tour. The clock is ticking.......</p>

<p>The basketball coach informed me that the financial aid packages will be sent to us by mid to late april; apparently they were a bit behind on the app reads and subsequently fell behind on the aid as well.</p>

<p>CMU has some merit scholarships. But it's not like some schools that give a lot of them, like Case for instance. Not sure of how many of these there are.</p>

<p>No athletic scholarships either, which I think is standard for D3. </p>

<p>CMU was very generous with us; the noncustodial parent form was short and sweet, I don't know if they use the same form, this was a couple years ago. But they can be known to be tough with aid, since their endowment is on the small side.</p>