How is CMU's math program

How is it compared to other top 20s, lucking to do math and cs at cmu!

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Since you also mentioned CS - CMU has been ranked #1 or #2 for CS for at least the past couple of decades. So in other words, excellent program but also extremely competitive to get into.


I wouldn’t put it in the elite top 4-5 or so in Math, but probably in the mix at that next tier down. Which means it’s an extremely good program.

As mentioned, they are in that “Big Four” top group in CS.

Of course, “how is it” should be “how it is for me?”. Abstract, aggregate rankings shouldn’t mean a lot when evaluating a school for an individual.


They do have strong math department with profs like Dr.Loh and Dr.Tetali (who used to head Georgia Tech before). But as far as ranking goes, its definitely behind MIT, Princeton, Cornell, Harvard and other top 20. Like @RichInPitt mentioned, it comes in the second tier if it’s just math. My D22 initially wrote her essays for a math major at MCS (mellon college of sciences) and later changed her major to CS (SCS). Still applied to both schools. As far as ranking goes, US News has ranked them well below GTech, Purdue, UNC chapel Hill and UIUC though.

Note that U.S. News does not rank undergraduate math departments.


Well Niche ranks cmu math as 7 which goes along with @RichInPitt, also transferring is quite difficult 3.6+ required, might have been easier to dual major.