How is Colorado State University Fort Collinscfor CS

How would you rate Colorado State University Fort collins for UG program in cs

CS is not the focus of CSU, but a popular major all over the US/World. Grads do very well with demand high as it is now.

CSU is tied 75th for computer science in US News, along with Tufts U, George Washington U, Washington State, U of Nebraska and U of New Mexico. So its top 100 for research in computer science. This is the grad school rank.
Colorado State is strong in statistics if that interests you.

I guess i disagree that Colorado State is not focused on engineering, math and computer science.
It is, but it also offers agriculture, and veterinary Medicine, music, and a variety of health science majors like
PT and OT as well as humanities, business degrees, and social sciences.

Its a medium/ large all around good state school in the same town with Intel, AMD, Hewlett Packard, and Broadcom,
who all hire computer science grads.

Colorado State was the “Agricultural and Technical College”. With Mines and CU Boulder Engineering being strong,
these three public schools fight for the best students and Colorado State often does attract students who want to save money, as it costs a lot less to live in Fort Collins compared to Boulder.

Hewlett Packard opened a software design center in Fort Collins in the 1970s to recruit students from Colorado State.
Since then, other high tech circuit design and software firms have located in Fort Collins.