How is Dartmouth's Engineering?

<p>Does Dartmouth have a strong engineering program?</p>

<p>pretty good</p>

<p>Basically most people at Ivies in engineering outside of cornell often do not end up being engineers, but rather consultants, business people, or bankers after school. I think they find the higher pay and work more interesting so they chose this path. In this regard Dartmouth is among the top schools out there. </p>

<p>For those interested inpursuing a grad degree, Dartmouth similarly does very well in placement. I personally knew four people headed to Stanford for grad engineering degrees. Another friend is at Columbia med school, this is a pretty normal trend. </p>

<p>Where the school lacks is for those wishing to actually become engineers after graduation because 1) you get a BA in engineering and need a fifth year for a "BE" grad degree, as opposed to places like michigan who give BS degrees. </p>

<p>Overall the program is ranked among the top 25, but for the hardcore person who wants to work at Boeing, they might be better off going somewhere else like Michigan or GaTech. For someone looking to go to grad school or into business or another field, Dartmouth (and most top Ivies except Yale and Brown) is way up there.</p>