How is Eckerd College for Pre-Vet Track

I am going the pre vet track for university and specifically have an interest in marine. Ive been looking at eckerd college does anyone know how the opre vet track is there and do students get into vet school. As well as some other suggestions

My daughter graduated with a degree in Marine Bio and is now in her last year of vet school. Your best bet is to follow the pre-health program. You can major in marine bio or any other major as long as you follow the pre-requisites for the vet school you wish to attend. Eckerd has a 75% placement rate for professional school. You will have the best chance of vet school admission to the vet school in the state where you reside. In addition to the required courses, you need to be active in community and college organizations with leadership roles besides those involving animals. Each vet school also requires a certain number of direct animal care under the direction of a veterinarian. These are all things that your pre health mentor will be very knowledgeable of and be able to assist you.