How is FAMU?

I have recently consedered going to FAMU because they are willing to give me a fulk ride scholarship. I plan on majoring in Civil Engineering, but I am unsure how they rank up. Personally my top school is UAH, but they are only giving me tuition (which is still great!) and the thought of a full ride is definitely tempting. I’m not into partying, band, sports, and things like that that seem to be heavily celebrated on FAMU’s campus. I’m sure there are other students like me on campus, and I fear my foreign interests and the like will make me feel uncomfortable on campus. The school is also quite old and I’m concerned with the the age of the buildings, dorms, technology, etc. Again, I don’t want to sound elitist or anything, as I am interested in the school, but wanted some personal student reviews about the university as well. Thnx in advance.