How is Hurlbut?

<p>Question for upperclassman who stayed in Hurlbut or knew someone who stayed in "TheButt" (Harvard Freshman Dorms) it actually as bad as it sounds, or is Hurlbut okay?</p>



<p>Hurlbut is fine. It is not in the Yard, of course. if you have a single there, the rooms are really nice.</p>

<p>Thanks for your reply compmom. Based on your experience, do the students’ social groups tend to revolve around their freshman dorms or do groups form between different dorms and between the students living in different Yards (i.e. Ivy Yard, Crimson Yard, Elm Yard, Oak Yard)</p>

<p>People make friends in many ways, through classes and activities as well as dorms, but of course freshman dorms are an important aspect of social life and blocking groups for houses are sometimes comprised of dorm-mates, but not always. Make an effort to get to know people. Regardless, the three years in houses after freshman year will be the social center of your life at Harvard eventually.</p>

<p>The Union dorms are a bit out of the way, but I loved being there! It’s usually much quieter than dorms in the Yard, and freshmen living there often really bond with each other. Most of my friends from freshmen year were in my dorm with me, and they remained among my closest friends until graduation. The Union dorms are also a bit newer/nicer than most dorms in the Yard, which is definitely a plus!
Enjoy your time in Hurlbut :slight_smile: </p>