How is it living at the Radisson?

<p>Dear Internet,</p>

<p>I got assigned to the Radisson, and was wondering how it is living there? how similar is it to New/North (which is where I wanted to live)
how much of a difference does it really make if i don't live on campus?
i asked to be reassigned to New/North, but if it's not possible, i want to know what i should expect at the Radisson
i heard that it was quiet</p>

<p>not sure but it seems secluded from the rest of the students (depends if you want that)</p>

<p>^no thats not what i want. i wanted to live in New/North, but i guess i applied too late</p>

<p>for anyone who knows, are there parties there?
i thought that there would be a good amount there since the rooms are bigger and its off campus</p>

<p>well you cant **** off the other hotels customers so its a bit strict</p>

Check out a long thread already posted here by drama. There are many comments about the Radisson. Big pluses for the Radisson are a swimming pool, large rooms and AC.</p>

<p>Your social life does not have to center on your dorm/hotel. There are about 600 organizations to join. Religious groups have a full schedule of dinners and activities. Most students do community service. RAs plan outings and socials.
There are plays, concerts, exhibits, lectures, films and events on campus. I think you will find plenty of opportunities to meet other students.</p>

<p>There's a misconception among people who've never been at USC that where you live makes your social life. I loved living at the Radisson and never in a million years would have wanted to live in New/North. There aren't a ton of parties at the Radisson, but most people go to house parties instead of partying in their dorms. You'll meet people who you can go out and party with, so it's all good. I am a reserved person and still met people I liked and went out and partied four days a week. Don't stress.</p>

<p>Can you still bring your own bedding at the Radisson?</p>

<p>yeah i gt mail marketing bedsheets, pillows, etc - do i need that for radisson</p>

<p>bump 10char</p>

<p>Yes, you need to bring bedding for your dorm - even if it is the Radission. You will have twin XL mattresses, just like in all the other dorms. You will also have to wash your own sheets - no maid service.</p>

<p>*You can buy twin XL sheets lots of places (Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond...) - you do not have to get them from that brochure.</p>

<p>i would actually avoid buying the stuff from that brochure unless you can't help it...</p>