How is it?

<p>SO how is the school
people personality
how are classes and dorm life
other basic concern of prospective students</p>

<p>School campus is very nice. Not really all that diverse(though they claim they are). Well known business program. The people are really nice. It's a place to go where you can get a really good education, yet still have the parties and social life.</p>

Which dorms are the quiet study dorms?
Which are the social ones? Which are nicest?
What are the pros, cons and prices of each?
Are there are honors dorms? If so how do they compare?
Is the internet and cable in the dorms free?
If not, how much is it?
How big are the dorms?
How is coed and single sex dorms arranged?
What comes with the dorms?</p>

What are the requirements?
Is the honors program just for your major or are all your classes honors?
How much more challenging is it? How much more does it impose on your life?
Are there any perks?(discount on concert tickets, etc)</p>

How hard is it to double major?
How are research oppurtunities?</p>

Is it like high school socially?
Is greek big?
If so how does that affect life?
Is the school more libral or studious etc?</p>

Is the campus pretty?
Is it scary at night?</p>

How is financial age and scholarship programs?
Is it hard to get a job or do you recommend it?</p>

<p>How is public transportation?
How easy/hard is it to get access to professors and equipment in the wieght room?</p>