How is journalism nowadays?

From what I understand, it’s a competitive major (although many are competitive). Many journalist grads will have to do unpaid internships, take low-paying jobs for small publications and live very modestly (in a cheap apt or with their parents) for a couple of years before they get a decent job.

With the internet, it does seem like the physical aspect is gone. People/governments/businesses can post announcements online stream footage online and there’s less of a need for journalists to travel and report the news. However, there must be plenty of new opportunities for journalists through the internet. It seems like there’s thousands of online publications now.

I have a friend who is a career journalist (30+ years), having worked for daily newspapers in major cities. In addition, she has a real gift with words.

She and her former co-workers lament the decline in print journalism as daily newspapers have closed or and many remaining ones have moved heavily toward quick tabloid / blog-styled stories or click bait. Our current political environment has brought the need for strong investigative journalist to the front and center of the daily news cycle. Too many print papers don’t seem to used copy editors and forget to answer the basics before printing a story with a salacious headline. My friend has most recently found an opportunity in writing more PR/Public Affairs-type stories for in-house publications and company websites. It is tough and this is the first time in a long while that she has achieved decent pay with benefits that cover her needs.

I think there is a need for journalism now more than ever.

The Washington Post hired 100 additional reporters in the past year.

Journalism is still very much alive, but it’s changing. With the rise of technology and the internet, journalism is undergoing a huge evolution.