How is Kenyon for Science, specifically Biochemistry. Is it good for non-athletic, slightly nerdy, guys?

My son was admitted to Kenyon class of 2025 after really liking his tour last year. It seems popular with college athletes which he is not. He is interested in medical research but also very into music/piano performance. He is shy/socially awkward and does not typically click with testosterone-type guys though he is kind and well-liked. Would love feedback from current students and parents who have more experience/knowledge of the science program and social dynamics. Thank you!

I would not describe Kenyon as overly athletic. Actually, I would say it’s less so than some of the NCAC schools. With strong Departments in English, Theater, and Music I’d say kids tend to be a little more on the artsy side. That said, I also think most kids at Kenyon tend to be multi-faceted. Most kids have varied interests that allow them to meet and friend a wide variety of people. I have found kids at Kenyon to be kind, friendly, a little quirky, and just generally nice young people.

My son is a former HS athlete and is now a Soph double majoring in English/CW and Classics. He’s a little socially reserved and it took a semester to find his community, but now he has a wonderful group of friends. Most are not athletes.

I know very little about the Sciences at Kenyon other than they seem to have their own special little quad.


I would also not worry about an overly-athletic culture at Kenyon. While it’s a good college environment for athletes, that is not AT ALL to the exclusion of non-athletes. Kenyon has done comprehensive good work to develop into an excellent LAC focused first and foremost on undergraduate education.

They are a selective college with an holistic admission process. If he’s admitted, it’s because Kenyon admissions thinks he’s will fit within the campus community. If he ALSO feels like he fits after a campus tour, then it’s a great option for him to consider! Good luck!


Thank you! He toured it last year shortly before the COVID shutdown and felt strongly that it was a good fit for him. We will return for an accepted student tour in a few weeks!

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If you substitute French horn for piano, you have just described my son who was also just admitted to Kenyon with an intent to major in biochemistry. I don’t know if mine will attend, but it seems they may have been attracted to some of the same aspects of the school. I’ve heard great things about Kenyon, and I’m sure your son would find “his people” there.


My son was also just accepted to Kenyon and at first I thought this was him. He is identical to your son, right down to the piano but Premed track. I was searching here for the exact same information! I hope they meet each other at school next year.

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My son was just admitted to Kenyon and I thought this was a description of him, right down to the piano but Premed. I was searching for similar information. We haven’t been able to visit yet but I hope we can in the next few weeks but hearing you say he loved it made me feel good. I hope they meet at school in the fall.

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As majors, biochemistry and (the similar) molecular biology seem quite popular at Kenyon, with 19 students graduating with one of these degrees in a recent year. By inference, this represents a total of 76 students across the college with a serious interest in pursuing just these two areas of Kenyon’s four available majors in the biological sciences.

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