How is Morse College?

<p>I'm just wondering as I found my RC assignment today. This YDS article says Morsels are not as satisfied with their college experience as others are.</p>

<p>Yale</a> Daily News - One Yale, a dozen ways</p>

<p>Morse and Stiles are the two youngest colleges added in 1960, I believe. As such they have fever lines of legacy and fewer wealthy donors i.e. the independent trust for JE. But that it only the financial aspect of it</p>

<p>I personally wouldn't actually trust many YDN surveys. Regardless, Morse is fine. It was just renovated, so you guys will be experiencing the whole new Morse. It's somewhat far away from a lot of things, but closer to others. Durfee Hall, where you live freshman year, is pretty awesome and very close to Cross Campus. Morsels tend to be pretty social, if that interests you at all. It's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, but then again I don't know any of the specifics (i.e. dean, master, resources, etc.).</p>

Morsels tend to be pretty social


Any particular reason why Morsels tend to be pretty social? Is it because Morse is kind of "isolated" at the NW corner of the main campus (somewhat like TD being located at the NE corner, and PC at the SW corner)? I did hear that TD is like a "paradise island" before.</p>

<p>morse tends to have fewer legacies, thus fewer of the prep school type (though not all legacies go to prep school, many do). i've noticed that the prep school type people come in to yale with networks of friends in multiple years so they don't need to socialize and branch out quite as much, though of course they do. that's just my observation.</p>

<p>Morse and Stiles are awesome. Many of us were disppointed to be placed there at first due to the fringe location, but the disappointment faded immediately. You get to be on Old Campus freshman year and are near the gym. The legacy comments are true - not sure what effect that had, but I agree there are more public school, middle class types in M&S. When I took my D to tour the campus, a Morsel was our guide. His enthusiasm for Morse was quite endearing! Simply put, you cannot go wrong; pretty much every single student knows their residential college is the best! Congrats and enjoy.</p>