How is my score?

<p>I scored 710 on Math section 560 Reading 650 Writing. SAT2: 790 Math2 730 Chem 720 Physics 790 Korean. Close to 4.0 GPA. AP scores as of now: 5 Stat 4 World History. Waiting for AP scores (CalcBC Chem PhysicsB CompSci) My prediction: 5 on Calc 5 Chem 5/4 Physics 4/3 CompSci. I am in many clubs but never had leadership positions before (hopefully at least one this year) I got some awards from school ("outstanding student") and science olym. Will I get into Georgia Tech/Caltech/MIT? I am going to retake Sat1 during fall but I will be a senior. Is it too late? I don't need to retake Sat2s for those schools I mentioned above, right? What other good techy colleges are there? Sorry I have a lot of questions >.< I'm just really stressed these days because of this. BTW I am Korean-American naturalized citizen... Just throwing that out in case that helps with college acceptance. Thanks!</p>

<p>I meant will I get in to Ga Tech/CalTech/MIT with a better SAT1 score? SAT1's my main concern...T.T</p>

<p>You will need to retake the SAT. Maybe look into the ACT too</p>

<p>Caltech and MIT etc. usually have an average SAT score between 2200 and 2300 for an average hook-less applicant. Their 25th percentile score would be around 2100 but remember that those applicants have major hooks like URM/first generation etc.</p>

<p>With no leadership positions, 1900 SAT score, sub 750 SAT II scores in sciences, a major lack of awards, and no evidence of passion your chances really are none. But then again the process is so random..</p>

<p>Being Korean will not help you in admissions. It will hurt you.
Although scores aren't everything, I think you are reaching too high based on your scores. If you read the results thread for Caltech and MIT, most un-hooked accepted Asian applicants have an SAT I score higher than 2300. I'm not sure about Georgia Tech.</p>

<p>But then again, weird things and miracles happen in this process...</p>

<p>It is not too late to take another standardized test if you wish to do so. You might consider taking the ACT in September. </p>

<p>For specific information on where your scores fall compared to those of admitted students, check the Common Data Sets for the colleges in which you're interested. Section C will have detailed admissions information. You can find the CDS for each college under a stickied CC thread, or you can search the internet using the name of the college and "Common Date Set."</p>

<p>Take the ACT. I have a friend going to Georgia Tech who bombed the SAT but got a 34 on the ACT. It's worth a shot, and you have time.</p>