How is neuroscience at Riverside?

<p>Is it a major by itself or a concentration in biology or psychology? Does Riverside have its own neuroscience department or is it interdisciplinary? How good are the research opportunities? Is it filled primarily with pre-med kids? Is there a cognitive science major?</p>

<p>I don't know.</p>

<p>man you answered all my questions. you're so gosh darn helpful. thanks for giving me an answer which doesn't waste my time. i really do appreciate such detail.</p>

<p>theillusions: what kind of research have you done already via the UCR website or contacting someone in the sciences departments? They will be the best ones to give you the exact information you will need.</p>

<p>UCR has an excellent sciences department, as they are preparing to open a med school in the next few years. Have you checked out Cell</a> Biology and Neuroscience: Home</p>

<p>I would highly suggest that you make contact with the university. They can talk to you and also provide names of current students or graduates that could also talk to you.</p>

<p>I'm a neuro major at UCR. It's relatively a small major compared to other sciences like biochemistry, but the courses are intense and the professors are great. It's offered by both CHASS (social sciences dept basically) and CNAS (sciences). They're the same but your records are kept in diff departments. I chose CNAS because the college has more supports for science majors than CHASS (more funding, research, etc.). As far as research, over the summer before I transferred, I contacted every professor in the dept of biochem and neuro and got into an undergrad research class for biochem. Most of research opportunities at an undergrad level are full, though. But they do have lab jobs and other possibilities, so it shouldn't be as bad (fewer spaces and competitive) as higher tier schools. I'd say go for it, I like it so far.</p>

<p>and yes, there are a lot of pre meds as well as people wanting to pursue research/phd. i do not believe there is cognitive science but people do minor/double in psych.</p>

<p>thanks for the answer @kalon12! riverside is my backup school, and i wanted to know if neuroscience would be an acceptable substitute for cogsci, since ucr doesnt offer cogsci, which is my chosen major for the other uc's</p>