How is neuroscience at UCSC?

<p>Is it a major by itself or a concentration in biology or psychology? Does UCSC have its own neuroscience department or is it interdisciplinary? How good are the research opportunities? Is it filled primarily with pre-med kids?</p>

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<p>another bump. very interesting major!</p>

<p>gah does anyone have any insider's information?! does the cognitive science major encompass compsci?</p>

<p>I'm a biochem major but I know that neuroscience is a B.S. degree program. There is research on it, mainly with regards to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers I believe. My biochem lab professor's research is in neurosciences and my brother works at a lab in Palo Alto that researches Parkinson's disease and his boss collaborates/coauthors papers with researchers at UCSC. Maybe I can find more information.</p>

<p>I'd imagine a lot of premed students are interested in those research opportunities but as to how scarce those research opportunities are, I do not know. Premed students drop like flies once they get to o-chem, biochem, etc so maybe that gives more openings but it also leaves the cream of the crop by the end. I'd imagine professors in those labs are far more interested in bringing on students who are actually passionate about research than just another premed student who needs research credit on their resume.</p>

<p>Are you currently a student or applying?</p>

<p>Oh and to the post above me, I do not know anything about the compsci or cognitive sciences majors. How is that relevant to neuroscience?</p>

<p>...I am an applicant. I meant, are there any computational neuroscience courses, like ones which model the brain and the like?</p>

<p>Oh a friend of mine takes cognitive science at another UC and explained the field as being research on human behavior.</p>

<p>So you're more interested in brain imaging and how it relates to the chemical/biological processes of the brain? I'm sorry but I don't know what kind of research is done on that.</p>