How is Schreyer Honors College?

<p>Does anyone have experience with Schreyer? Is it notably different than being enrolled at UP in general? What are the most common majors of the Schreyer scholars?</p>

<p>I applied as well, from what i know, most of the students are in engineering, business, or science. </p>

<p>Look here for some info
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<p>I live in State College and got the awesome chance to take a Schreyers course as a high school senior. The real advantages are that the classes are small (around 20 students) and you get priority registration (a big deal at a 40,000 student university). You also live in specific dorms with other Schreyers kids and get to write a senior thesis.</p>

<p>DIG3313: Are you a student at Schreyer now, or still in high school? And, given your unique experience and whatever you may hear from living in the area, would you recommend going there? They publicize the "college within a college" you think that is correct? Thanks for you input!</p>

<p>I am still a high school senior so I am going through the process myself. I do have a different perspective because I live in the town and want to move away from college ( I still applied), but Penn State is an attractive school for a lot of reasons.</p>

<p>The college within a college idea is an important one. With Penn State you get the largest alumni network in the country and the resources that such a large school offers. Add that to Schreyers where you get the personal attention, small classes, and study abroad opportunities and you get the best of both worlds. </p>

<p>The town is pretty nice as far as college towns go. It is in Happy Valley and the surrounding area is very scenic. Of course you have Penn State football and other athletics. From experience the social life is pretty good. Penn State has stong programs in a lot of professional fields. If you are considering it and you get into Schreyers than I would highly recommend taking one of the visits they offer for accepted students.</p>

<p>interesting... another state collegian on the board. I agree w/ everything dig said. as far as recommend going to psu, I'd consider the department of your potential major before making any decisions. before you choose, if you're close enough, you might want to come to campus and sit in on classes for a day, and talk to professors in the field you're interested in. everyone I've know who has done schreyer's has been extremely satisfied with the program.</p>

<p>Does anybody know how many classes in a typical schedule would have the benefit of small size? If a student took freshman calculus or freshman english, for example, would it have 30 or 300 in a class? Does this small class size apply to ALL classes for honors students, or to "freshman seminar" types of classes?</p>

<p>freshman english and calc have honors sections. honors classes aren't offered in every subject, but almost always are in the ones that are massive. if the classes are naturally 25 or fewer, they won't be honors (such as foreign languages). will get back to you w/ honors course list (I know it's there somewhere...)</p>

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<p>here it is</p>

<p>Thank you, astrophysicist2b!</p>

<p>I just got a likely letter from Schreyer... I'm in!</p>

<p>when did you apply willow?</p>

<p>yeah, I haven't received anything yet... <em>eep</em> i'm nervous now.</p>

<p>didn't know schreyer's sent likely letters. interesting, especially so close to the usual decision date. I haven't heard anything yet, and the mail in theory should only take 1 day, perhaps 2, to get to my house. I wouldn't worry about it if you haven't heard yet.</p>

<p>i just read on the website that letters are sent out february 18th... i guess i won't get too anxious til then</p>

<p>from what I've gathered urms have received likely letters. so maybe if you're a urm be worried if you haven't received one, but other than that you're fine.</p>

<p>Sorry to be uninformed, but what is "urms"?</p>

<p>under represented minorities. my son got a letter; he is not a urm.</p>

<p>Thanks, 1moremom. May I ask when you received your letter vs when you applied?</p>

<p>He sent in the app just ahead of the deadline (end of Nov?). I think the letter came on Friday. I know there are other strong candidates from our high school who are still waiting, so hang in there.</p>