How is Seattle University?


I am seriously considering Seattle University (haven’t submitted application yet) but I can’t find any straight answers about a couple of things. I really like the city of Seattle and the fact that it is a smaller school fits slightly better for me over a large one.

I want to go into the medical field so there are a couple of specifics I am trying to figure out.

Can anyone answer these questions?

  1. How good is the pre med program here?
  2. Do a lot of kids get in to a medical school from here?
  3. Is the surrounding area safe?
  4. Are student apartments available for freshmen?
  5. How is the quality of education here compared to the UW?

hey, also considering SU, I visited the campus, its really nice, many places to get coffee(always good)
the surrounding area seemed reasonably safe, but I’m not entirely sure.
I have a relative living just about 3 miles away and has had no issues with safety

I can answer your question about the neighborhood since I drive by SU quite often. The neighborhood has improved over the past 10 to 15 years, but you should still be mindful about person safety. A lot of techies rent in the area since Amazon is right downtown. Some say the neighborhood has “just out of college” vibe because there are so many young people here.

Thank you JdoxBox. It seems that I really just need to go see it myself as well.

Thank you PacNWparent. Really good to know that it is in a relatively safe area.

On campus apartments are for Juniors and Seniors. Douglas, in particular, is for 21 and older.