How is Somerset Hall dorm?

<p>Hey guys I got into Civicus and want to know more about the dorm and Civicus so I am posting on here a lot lol. Thanks</p>

<p>Both seem awesome</p>

<p>I've never been in it but it's right near my dorm; the location is amazing. It's right in the middle of campus. Much better than the location of the North Campus dorms that most freshman live in.</p>

<p>Nice if I go i'll be living there for civicus maybe ill see you around lol</p>

<p>Somerset's awesome I lived there for a month in the summer. It's one of the newer buildings so it has AC. The rooms are pretty nice - they have single rooms to 3-people rooms and the bathrooms are much better than those in the older buildings. There's also a computer lab in the basement if you need that.</p>

<p>Awesomeee thanks</p>