How is Telebear appointment assigned?

<p>Just like the title says - how is it assigned?</p>

<li> Is it by the number of units completed?</li>
<li> Assuming 1 is true, would that include P/NP and AP units?</li>
<li> Again, assuming that 1 is true, can I transfer units over from community college courses to get a better appointment?</li>
<li> I’m a sophomore with 67 semester credits. Are my appointments considered late?
Phase I: 4/28
Phase II: 7/31</li>


<p>i'm not sure exactly how telebears works..
but i am a current freshman with junior standing (70.5 semester credits, 16 of which were actually taken at berkeley, the rest from APs) and my appointment is 4/29 and 7/31.. so i'm guessing that the units you have completed determines your time</p>

<p>Generally, the higher standing you have, the earlier your appointment. It still varies. I don't think Berkeley really puts much thought or effort into it. As long as you're not signing up for classes that are very popular or very small you should be able to get in. Most people get off waitlists as the semester begins.</p>

<p>I have 75.3 units now but only 17 units were completed at Berkeley. I have senior standing for telebears and my appointment is on 4/22.
I don't think it really matters that much to have a VERY early appointment. As long as it's not sometime in July, it will be fine. The only good thing about getting an early telebear is to get a chem lab time that you prefer ..but it wouldn't be any problem to just get into the class. Also, for most classes, discussion/lab time can be changed anyways.</p>

<p>If you want to take a language class, then, ya, it's a big deal getting an earlier appt.</p>

<p>unless the language class has a manual waitlist, in which case it doesn't matter if you're #1 or #30 to sign up. grrrr.</p>