How is the act graded

<p>Do i take it like the sat where if i dont know it leave it blank or do i answer everything</p>

<p>No, you don't take the ACT like the SAT. It would benefit you more to fill everything in, even if you must guess because unlike the SAT, you won't get penalized for any wrong answers :)</p>

<p>so how is the scorin u get a point for every right answer ?</p>

<p>You lose a point for every wrong or blank (should always at least guess) answer.</p>

<p>theres 60 even more questions so if u get 30 right and 30 wrong u get a score of 0 ?</p>

<p>No, you get a point for every correct answer. So in a section of 60 questions, if you answer 30 correctly and answer 30 wrong/left blank, your score will still be 30/60</p>

<p>thanks verrrryyyyy much</p>

<p>It is to your benefit to guess on this exam if you do not know the answer. There are no guessing penalties.</p>