How is the audition day usually set out?

<p>I am auditioning on campus on Feb 18 and I just want to know how the day is usually set up. How difficult was the dance call?</p>

<p>Hey! I Auditioned in Chicago, and the audition was ran just like a class/workshop. It was done in front of all the other acting and musical theatre applicants. At my audition we did the acting portion first, then the acting students were let go while the MT students stayed to sing. They worked with us a bit on the song and monologue. It was really fun and rewarding. It was really a great learning experience. We did not have a dance call. IDK if that was because we were in Chicago.</p>

<p>Thanks! I am a bit worried about auditioning in front of all the other applicants because I know first hand how mean some people can be at auditions.</p>

<p>AthenaL, take a look at this story in the link below, which includes one student's audition experience at Marymount Manhattan. Granted, the link is 4 years old, but the experience should be about the same today as it was back then.</p>

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