How is the Chico State animation program? Should I transfer to a better program?

I have many concerns about the Chico State animation program. When i applied to my school, I didn’t have much of an idea of what I wanted to do other than I know I wnat to work for Disney in the form of art. Through research, I decided on animation and the only school I got accepted to with an animation program is Chico. I’ve seen so many schools with an amazing program and I don’t see Chico having a great one. Many of these other schools have a high job placement and connections with major companies. I was wondering if there is a university I can possibly transfer to with an amazing program. Or if you have any thoughts on the chico animation program.

I would recommend posting your question under the visual arts and film majors message board… You can find it under College Admissions and Search - College Majors - Visual Arts. Good luck!