How is the film school?

I have been accepted to LMU, and, should I attend, will be a part of the School of Film & Television. Obviously, LMU has a well-regarded film program, but I can’t seem to find out exactly how good it is. I don’t want to call them, because all I’ll get is a sales pitch. Does anyone here have insight into this, and how it compares to film schools such as USC or Chapman? Thanks guys.

As someone who has not yet been told of my admissions status, and whose confidence is dwindling slowly, it pains me to say that LMU is my favorite film school. Not only is the campus nice, but they have great teachers (some of which they share with USC, UCLA, and Chapman.) that school is also unique in that it’s students retain all rights to films they make in the film program.

Rated in the top 10 in the country (usually between 6-8, depending on publication), with state-of-the art equipment, and studio space designed by Hollywood film studios, with many students interning at major studios during their college years, and then going to work for various companies. My S18 was accepted at LMU for Animation in the film school, as well as at Chapman for a BFA in Animation and Visual Effects. He prefers LMU because of the easy access into L.A. for internship opportunities, and their amazing business partnership program. Having said all that, his #1 dream is to get into USC’s Interactive Media and Game Design program, but we know that is a long-shot as it is extremely competitive, and we’ve heard they accept between 12-20 students per year. Pretty sure he will be heading to LMU in the fall…and he is pretty darn happy about it.

A friend of mine just made this very informative post regarding LMU’s film school. Here is the link: