how is the finance job market at California now? (urgent)

<p>so i am probably going to USC next semester as a finance major international student, i kinda heard the rumor that CA government is applying policies that favors US citizens in the finance related job market and then gives consideration to international students. is this true?
since if the situation for intl student is really that bad, i would rather go to UMN, but the deadline to commit enrollment is in two days, so pls guys tell me about the job market situation in CA especially the finance related ones. I appreciate it</p>

<p>Uh I would still go to USC (I'm not sure what UMN is...Minnesota?) The USC program is more prestigious. And getting a degree in California does not limit your opportunities to just California...</p>

<p>yes UMN means University of Minnesota, which also has a well-recognized business program. it is true a Marshall school(USC) degree sounds more prestigious, but my concern now is for the job market, since if a CA college degree does not give international student a fair chance to get a job at CA, then probably a CA college degree wont be that competitive against local colleges at other areas in the US, what do u think?</p>

<p>Your chances in the CA job market will not be hurt by a degree from USC. If anything, there's a minor bump due to the USC alumni network. </p>

<p>Note: I don't particularly like USC so I have no ulterior motive in defending them. I'm not a fan of undergrad business degrees either but that's another story. A USC/Marshall degree may not be Penn/Wharton or Carnegie-Mellon but it's fine as far as that goes.</p>