How is the music industry program?

I’m interested in a music/entertainment program in college. My dream jobs are to be as music supervisor or a talent agent. Would Loyola be a good place to pursue this? I understand internships are key. Does Loyola provide connections to a lot of internships including those in the Los Angeles market? Is there decent internship opportunities right there in New Orleans? Is this a good path to take for my desired career?

@JohnW85‌ My son applied to a bunch of programs, but not Loyola’s this year. However, the director of another program had nothing but good things to say about the program and its director. Other choices with music industry/music business programs (and all of this depends on your location preferences and competitiveness as a student) are U Miami, NYU, USC (the three most competitive), Northeastern, Syracuse (Bandier Program), Drexel, American, Belmont, Middle Tenn St, University of Denver, Cal State Northridge, University of the Pacific. My son is currently deciding b/w American, Syracuse and Northeastern. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Definitely applying to USC. Its competitive but I have a fair shot at getting (pretty good academic stats 29 act 4.2 GPA).
But ultimately affording USC isn’t completely realistic and its really far from my home in St. Louis. So Belmont seems like the best choice for me as its only about 5 and half hours away and a little cheaper and better chance at more aid.
What have you heard about Belmont? Syracuse looks good as well but again a bit far away for me.

We didn’t look at Belmont too seriously because its a heavily Christian school and that’s not our vibe. However, it seems like a very good setup if you are OK with the religious aspect. It is considered a top school in the trade.