How is the University of Arizona vet school?

Hello everyone. So I heard that the U of A vet school is really new, and it is only 3 years to graduate instead of 4. Knowing that in both vet and med school an insane amount of information is learned in 4 years, how are they able to lose a year and still be good vets? It seems interesting. I would love to apply and graduate earlier than it usually takes, after I finish high school and college of course. Have any of you heard about the vet school?

They don’t lose a year. They work on a total of 9 semesters distributed throughout the year. Their 1st year of accreditation was 2021 and was provisional with the next review scheduled for 2023. There is no track record of 1st pass results on the NAVLE. It is a unique approach and I would not invest the time or money on a school that is not fully accredited. Importantly, all of the clinical experiences seem to be in private practices, mostly warehouse type like Banfield and VCA. They do not have a research based veterinary hospital at the school. This is where you will usually see referrals from the Banfield and VCA clinics, cutting edge technology, residents and fellows and research. The program does not seem to offer the next level of medical training .