How is the University of North Florida?

<p>I've been accepted into a few Florida colleges and deciding is a big decision. The University of North Florida seems to be the best fit for me. I'm just looking for a personal view of the school. If you've gone there or know a lot about it, how do you like it and or not like it?</p>

<p>I've visited the school 3 times and I'm going to attend their Summer 2013! The campus is my favorite by far, like they're 8 minutes away from major shopping (forever 21, urban outfitters, Ross, American eagle etc) and also a ton of restaurants (chipotle, Cheesecake Factory, panera, pf changs etc) so it's really easy to find a job if need be. Personally I love the campus because they have a ton of trees! The campus is kind of all collected in a circle so it's really easy to walk or bike. All of their school buildings are really nice & clean. UNF is also really into going green (I bought a tshirt at the bookstore and they don't give out plastic bags). My draw backs about the school would be the fact that they don't have a football team (although they will by 2017), they don't have greek housing, and also their dorms for freshman are standard ( I was looking into FAU originally and they had mostly a 4 bedroom suit). But the upperclassman dorm is fantastic! It has a lazy river & a pool so there's multiple pool parties. The education is also great. Most of their separate colleges have awards, and also it's an affordable florida school! Oh also since UNF doesn't have football they have a great men's basketball team too! And since the school isn't wasting money on football they have a ton of concerts (2 per semester) and there actually famous artists! (Google them). For what the students look like: they look average, I also like how there's a variety of students although I'd say 65% white, 20% African American, and some Asian & Spanish which is great! Although I don't know the specific numbers. Let me know if you go! (:</p>

<p>I was also accepted in for Summer 2013! Thank you very much for your input-I really appreciate it.</p>