How is the workload/difficulty of Penn LPS Online courses?

I was wondering what the course work is like at Penn LPS online. I was admitted this year but took a gap year for a personal reason. I was curious and wanted to hear from anyone enrolled in the degree program to share their thoughts on how they are finding the workload of the courses.

Is everything is the 8 week classes all the content students would learn in a semester? Does this workload/schedule of the courses make everything harder to process since you need to understand everything quicker?

How would you prepare for classes before you start them? Is there academic support given outside of the classroom or even in the class? If so, how much?

Lastly, are there midterms and finals? and if so how are they delivered? do you complete a final project or a timed online exam?

@zaynsarfraz , I thought you already were enrolled and Penn assisted in getting you an internship in Europe? This is what you said in you previous post where we talked back and forth.

Please DM me and we will talk about what you have asked here.


Hi @nontraditional20 I can’t seem to send a DM since I haven’t posted 15 posts. This is where I found the information:

would it be possible if you can DM me?

@zaynsarfraz, I believe I cannot DM as well. I apologize. I just thought you were in the program and set up with an internship.

As far as the program, well it can be strenuous since the 16 week courses are consolidated into 8. Therefore, the program is very fast paced. Each course is different. Which means, in terms of midterms and finals, there particularly aren’t midterms.

I highly suggest that you attempt traditional undergrad since a majority of my classmates work for Penn and are taking the courses to become intellectually driven or those taking a gap year before applying for a Master program.

At times I feel as if I am the only true undergraduate student in a program designed for non traditional students. Which it very well is designed to be that way.

As for recognition and reputation of the program, I know some that condemn the program while others applaud it.

I hope everything works out for you and I hope that you were able to finish those classes that you were enrolled in (previous conversation on this website) before taking the gap year.

Honestly, try for a traditional entry. I’ve only met one student fresh from High School and or relatively young in the program. Mind you they were only there to increase there potential for another program within the University for after the distance brought on by the pandemic.

Best of luck.

@nontraditional20 - Thank you for your feedback and advice. Would it be possible if you could share your social media handle? (I would like to talk with you further)

You can also email it to me. My email is: