How is Unit 3? That was my first preference

<p> how is it?? i never visited...just chose unit 3 over unit 1 b/c it's a little bit closer (i think) to sproul.
I hope its not as run down as some people there workout facilities and computer rooms like other units?</p>

<p>Pretty much everything you need is there. Computers, study rooms, copiers, activities. I don't know about a gym, but you'll find that somewhere nearby I'm sure. It is older than the other Units and it's not as nice looking from the outside (it looks like a regular building, whereas the other units are colorful). I haven't been in the inside of the other Units, so I can't say for sure if how they compare. Unit 3 is certainly not run down, it's very nice. It's just not new.</p>

<p>bathrooms? residue?</p>

<p>The bathroom I saw was kind of dark and shabby. I tripped over a glass door on the floor. Apparently, they'll fix it.</p>

<p>i was told to stay away from unit 3, but im not sure cuz i havent been there. what were the other choices you put down misz?</p>

<p>misz87, did you review the online info about Unit 3?
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<p>Yeah I did..that online review didn't say anything about unit 3 being the oldest and are my preferences
1. unit 3 double
2. unit 1 double
3. unit 1 double substance free
4. unit 2 double
5. unit 3 triple</p>

<p> i'm kinda regretting i put down unit 3 as my first choice...ppl are saying its the oldest..i think i should have put down unit 1...argg</p>