How is UT Austin with Fin Aid? / Chance for Scholarship

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>I just got accepted to McCombs. I'm not too familiar with Texas I would like to learn my more, how is UT with financial aid and merit scholarships to OOS students? I've heard mixed things. I don't really know what goes into their decision making. Please enlighten me, all feedback is much appreciated!</p>

<p>My stats:</p>

<p>Class Rank: 7/544
GPA W: 5.11
GPA UW: 3.9
ACT: 33</p>


<p>AP Language- 5
AP Microeconomics- 4
AP Psychology- 4
AP Government- 4
AP Environmental Science- 4
AP Human Geography- 3</p>


<p>Silver Knight Nominee in Business & Vocational (Highest Prestige Scholarship in S. Florida)
-Nominated for being chair to the largest event in school history and highest grossing event at $2400 </p>

<p>Academy of Finance Graduate (3 Finance Classes, Member of National Technical Honor Society, & Interned 150 Hours as Managerial Assistant @ Local Business)</p>

<p>Served on Committee w/ City Mayor to Plan Program to promote Networking and Community Involvement to High School Students</p>

<p>Received Honor of Renssalear Scholar Award for Excellence in Mathematics & Science (1 Given to each school out of 4,000 participating schools)</p>

<p>3 Years of Varsity Baseball</p>

<p>Participated in Travel Baseball Since age of 7
-Won Gold Medal as Team Captain for Team Boca (Maccabi Games)
-Traveled to over 15 states for National Tournaments</p>

-Chapter's VP of Operations
-7th in District (Sports & Entertainment Marketing)
-2nd in State (Sports & Entertainment Marketing)
-National Qualifier (ICDC in Orlando 2011)</p>

<p>Executive Board Member of SGA</p>

<p>National Honor Society
-Won Best Speaker at Eagle Invitational
Spanish Honor Society (1 Year)
Mu Alpha Theta (1 Year)</p>

<p>With these stats do I have any chance at getting a good portion of money towards tuition that I'm not going to have to pay back in the future?</p>


<p>can anyone answer my questions?</p>

<p>My d had somewhat similar stats to yours, some better, some worse (ACT 31, GPA 4.86, but she sat on a Senate Advisory Committee for youth in our state, held a position on the Student Council's Executive Board, was Varsity Cross-Country, AP Scholar with Distinction (several 5's, one 4), numerous awards including those from her peers. Financial aid: $2,000 federal unsubsidized loan. That's it. We are basically paying the full ticket. It is exorbitantly expensive. We are a middle-class family, 3 kids in college next year. It is very difficult. I don't know what you mean by a "good portion," but my guess is no, you won't get a huge scholarship unless other factors are involved - i.e., your family income is very low, you qualify for scholarships given by special interest groups, etc.</p>

<p>On the other hand, she LOVES UT, is extremely involved, has no regrets, has huge opportunities, loves the people there.</p>

<p>Thats awesome to hear that she loves UT! Thank you for your feedback, I pretty much figured that. My income is really low and my FAFSA EFC will be very low. I've also been accepted to the University of Michigan and they are known to be horrendous with aid which is why I'm asking these questions in the first place.</p>

<p>Yeah, basically what tryingtohelpmom said, UT isn't that great with fin aid even with their in-state students, you'll have to seek out scholarships from other groups, or try for the specialized scholarships like 40 acres (deadline already passed), and their Texas Exes groups usually sponsor scholarships, but those are probably for in-state students.</p>