How is vandy like for international (and jewish ) students?

<p>I am currently an israeli studying in texas(texas tech) .From my experience it was very hard to blend in (shall we say) .I noticed vandy has 15% jewish students which i assume is good for me? Also i noticed 50% of the school is in fraternities.I am not against the idea and i am thinking of perhaps joining the Jewish fraternitie. However i know what a huge school with alot of fraternities does to people.Would i be able to blend in? Also how is the international community like?</p>

<p>p.s I have a college gpa 3.76 with 59 credits so i have a very high chance of getting in(or so they say)</p>

<p>If you want to stay in the south, I would suggest you consider Tulane for a much higher percentage of Jewish students.</p>

<p>Its not that i specifically want to stay in the south.I like the school and its on my top 10 at the moment along with some ivys and unc and uva.Vanderbilt also meets 100% need and has a no loan policy.</p>