How is your high school?

<p>We have 47% of our seniors headed off to community college and 40% going to a 4 year college. Out of that, around 8% of the 40% are going to private colleges (3 are going to "elite colleges" like Duke [2] and Yale [1]) and the rest are going to liberal arts colleges/universities around the area.
The rest 32% are off to CSUs and UCs...only 3 going to UCLA.</p>

<p>How about your school?</p>

<p>About 5% of my graduating class went to schools more selective than Michigan, 20% went to Michigan, maybe 15% more to MSU, 10-20% more to regional Michigan Universities, OOS Universities, LACs, Michigan tech, the rest to a community college. </p>

<p>That's just an estimate but I think it's pretty close. My school didn't actually keep numbers, but that's based off of what I've been told.</p>

<p>I don't know exact percentages, but here's what I know from the top of my head... </p>

<p>30 kids got into UCLA this year, and 20 something got into Berkeley. We had a very good amount of acceptances to Ivies (at least 1 acceptance to each Ivy) and top-20s. There are people who got into or are going to Wash U, Northwestern, Emory, USC, Georgetown, and every UC. One kid got into all of HYPS. A lot of people are going to OOS state schools. Practically everyone I know is going to a 4-year college. We are known for being one of the smartest classes in our school's history.</p>

<p>More than half going to community college. No Ivies/out-of-state top 30 universities--not even recruited athletes, which is sort of surprising for my school. Six to UCLA, two to Cal. Two to Claremont Colleges. </p>

<p>Our graduating class was pretty apathetic though.</p>

<p>99% 4 year colleges.</p>

<p>this one guy is going to a CC.</p>

<p>(We only have 100 kids per grade, so it's easy to figure out %ages)</p>

<p>I don't know exact percentages, but we definitely have, I think, over 50% in-state or in the tri-state area, eg: Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana.
98% or something go to four year college. This year we had a couple of surprises in who chose to delay college, but most of them had awesome plans (one will be teaching schoolchildren in France, but plans to go to college after this year). Our top colleges are Ohio State and UCincinnati, with UC being a tiny bit more popular. Of "elite colleges," UMich and UChicago are usually the most popular, and of HYPSM, we usually only get people into H.</p>

<p>30% eastern/western kentucky uni
20% university of kentucky/louisville
20% comm college/tech school
29.99% mcdonalds
0.01% vanderbilt</p>

<p>About 47% here go to CC's
62% go to 4 year colleges
The rest either military or something.</p>

<p>The most common colleges/CCs are NVCC, UVA, VCU, JMU, VaTech, CNU ODU</p>

<p>55% workforce
20% community college/ tech school
25% 4 year college (1 to top 25 school every 2-3 years)</p>

<p>it sucks 10char</p>

<p>My school is 99% Mexican.</p>

<p>Over 99% to four-year colleges, ~10% Ivy matriculation. Probably ~15-25% overall T20 matriculation.</p>

<p>my school is real small, 16 in my class. 1 kid is going to a CC but its only because he cant afford a 4 year right away, and usually this happens to about 1 kid. about 50% typically go to the local liberal arts college that runs our high school. its a good school but a lot of these people could do better (i know a girl who turned down georgetown and ND, and another girl who turned down ND). then a couple go to state schools, some go to random liberal arts school in the midwest, and a couple go somewhere random. a couple get into a top school, but not everyone goes.</p>

<p>I'd say mine is about...</p>

<p>1% community college
20% CUNY
20% SUNY
20% St. John's
20% Fordham/Adelphi/Hofstra
19% other</p>

<p>Give or take some percentages lol</p>

<p>I'm not sure. I don't believe that my school releases that information.</p>