How is your HS GPA calculated?

<p>Some questions about GPA before weighting:
1. is your GPA an average of the semesters or annual averages thus far completed in your HS career, or a running average of every class taken?
2. 9th grade included? Anything else included/excluded?
3. all classes, including, say, lab science courses, counted the same in the averaging as other courses?
4. for weighting, how are honors, AP & IB courses bumped?</p>

<p>Ours is an average of every semester, all years included. Honors don't get any special weight, only APs which are worth 5 rather than 4 on a 4.0 scale.</p>

<p>we have four terms per year. GPA is calculated each term and averaged for whole HS career.
9th grade is included
Everything counts the same...cept for APs in weighted GPA.
Our scale is on a 12 point scale. As in AP are worth 15 points. A- is 14, B+ is 13, B is 12.</p>

<p>7 semester system. Grades are averaged each semester and GPA is calculated at the end of each semester. Freshman year is included. Mandatory 7 class schedule, optional 8th class. The 8th class is taken as pass/fail. </p>

<p>GPA is 4.0 for Regular, +.25 Honors and Pre-IB, +1.0 AP/IB</p>

<p>Grading scale is 100 point in 10 degree increments:</p>

<p>100-90 - A
80-89 - B etc</p>

<p>GPA in my school is calculated at the end of every semester, including 9th grade. Unweighted, every class is the same (45-100). Gym is not included. Weighted, AP courses are calculated with an extra 10%. For example, if you get a 90 in AP Bio, it will be calculated as a 99. Or if you get an 85, it will be calculated as a 93.5. Nothing special is done for honors classes. The grade you are given is the grade that is calculated in your GPA.</p>

<p>do the colleges change your GPA to fit it according to their scale and then compare it with others?</p>

<p> sh!t</p>

<p>weighted classes....</p>

<p>94-100 A = 4.0
90-93 B+ = 3.5
84-89 B = 3.0
APs weighted +.5
no weight for honor courses</p>

<p>At my school GPAs are averaged each semester, included 9th grade. All classes have equal weighting, even honors/AP courses.
A-, A, A+ = 4.0
B-, B, B+ = 3.0
and so on.</p>

<p>kchen, yes some colleges use adjusted GPAs. For example, UMich only looks at academic courses in sophomore and junior years.</p>

<p>Interesting, I think my school was the only one I've ever heard of which never assigned GPAs to students. It was a very preppy school and they didn't want a class of 40 getting all cutthroat and such I believe regarding class rank.
I did have it calculated out for car insurance purposes, however, and it came out to be a 3.0 unweighted. That was lower then most kids' averages, however... <em>shrug</em></p>

<p>Wow. Our school system's really lenient.</p>

<p>Unweighted grades are normal, 4.00 for A, 3.00 for B, 2.00 for C, etc.</p>

<p>But honors and advanced classes are weighted with an extra quality point so it's a 5.00 for an A, 4.00 for a B, etc. , and AP are weighted with 2 extra points where you could get up to a 6.00 GPA!</p>

<p>5.00 isn't special in our school, as there are several with a 5.50+.</p>

<p>Our gpa scale is:</p>

<p>99-100 A+ 4.3
96-98 A 4.0
94-95 A- 3.7
93-92 B+ 3.3
91-89 B 3.0
87-88 B- 2.7
85-86 C+ 2.3
84-82 C 2.0
81-80 1.7</p>

<p>and so on</p>

<p>AP and Honors just get an extra 1.0 on which makes the highest a 5.3 in those particular classes. This scale looks nice to a lot of people, but it really isn't, I hate it.</p>

<p>You guys have some lenient grading systems.</p>

<p>In our county, GPA is calculated at end of year.
A .5 is added to GPA at end of year for an AP class. So say if you finish the year with a B+, it will get averaged as an A. No weight to Honors.</p>

<p>94-100 A 4.0
90-93 B+ 3.5
84-89 B 3.0
80-83 C+ 2.5
74-79 C 2.0..and so on</p>

<p>Ours gives only number grades, no A/B/C. Thus, you need to get a 100% average in order to get a 4.0 in a class. It slides down from there. You could get all mid-90's (straight A, 4.0 at other schools) and it would only be a 3.75 or so. Ours does weight for AP/honors classes. I've been told here that colleges reconfigure GPA to their own scales. It can matter a lot for merit aid so I hope they do because there are huge discrepencies between high school GPA policies.</p>

<p>we use regular 4.0 gpa scale plus a weighted value for honors and ap classes. the added weight is the sum of all semesters of weighted courses divided by number of semesters in high school and divided by 7. all classes are considered for the 4.0 gpa.</p>

<p>how are classes or periods averaged together into a cumulative average?</p>

<p>That is, are grades for all your classes added together, then averaged, or are semester or yearly grades simply averaged together.</p>

<p>For instance, say you took six courses in 9th grade & received a 4.0 in each, yielding a 4.0 average for the year. Then in 10th grade you took 5 courses & recieved a 3.0 in each, yielding a 3.0 average for the year. Would the cumulative HS average be
= [6<em>(4.0) + 5</em>(3.)]/11, or
= [[6<em>(4.0)]/6] + [[5</em>(3.0)]/5]/2</p>

<p>The annual average method yields a lower cumulative GPA, (3.50) in this example, than averaging by class (3.55).</p>

<p>thanks, crazy14. seriously, i think all schools should make their GPA scales identical to each other. not that it will happen or anything - just a thought.</p>

<p>We're on a 100 point scale. 10% added to AP classes (88 becomes a 96.8, 90 becomes a 99, 70 becomes a 77). Nothing is added to honors courses.</p>

<p>90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
65-69 D
Anything below a 65 - F </p>

<p>I really don't understand the whole 4.0 thing..</p>

<p>Freshman year is included.
Your cumulative GPA sent to colleges is the average of your freshman-junior year grades.</p>

<p>"do the colleges change your GPA to fit it according to their scale and then compare it with others?"</p>

<p>kchen...I know that the UC system does this. They also weight classes...but only specific honors classes and APs. So while my school gpa is 4.7w because they weight ALL honors and APs, my UC gpa around 4.25w.
So in the end (at least for the UC system) it evens out because as long as you take the challenging classes that they weight, you'll have a good gpa. I don't think this will help with rank it sucks for that.</p>

<p>Classes are graded on a pretty standard scale:
93-100 A
86-92 B
77-85 C
70-76 D
0-69 F</p>

<p>Honors classes receive an extra 5% at the end of each quarter. For example, if I received a 99 in Honors Chemistry, it would be figured as a 104. This is only used for rank and honor roll. </p>

<p>All that is marked on our transcript is an (H) to indicate Honors, which is basically meaningless. </p>

<p>My school doesn't have AP courses.</p>