How late is too late to apply?

<p>When does rolling admissions end for UMich? When should I apply? I'm going to try to get my application in around 2 weeks from now, but I haven't given my app. forms to my teacher yet (however, he already has a letter for me because he wrote my ED school rec.).</p>

<p>I don't believe rolling admissions technically end per se...your chances just get lower and lower as time goes on...but basically by january if you don't have your app in...even if your a top may not get in...</p>

<p>when should you apply? Ideally as soon as'll have a better shot that way...</p>

<p>I totally agree with gumba2468's comments. Get it in as soon as possible. The later you apply, the more bleak your chances become. </p>

<p>However, on a side note... Michigan officially says that the application deadline is February 1st (and I highly discourage you from waiting that long to submit it). Someone on this web site said that he/she submitted the application the day after the deadline passed and was still admitted so maybe they're a little lenient with that if they want the applicant enough? Just don't go trying to submit it a month after the deadline passes. There's no way.</p>

<p>When did admissions start? Will early to mid November be an okay time to have stuff sent to them? How quickly (after they have received everything)do they process information and admitted/rejected the applicant? Thanks!</p>