how late is too late?

ugh, im trying my best to get recommendation forms to my teachers, but its soo hard, is it too late to give it to teachers on nov 1?

<p>lol, yeah kinda, but if they like they would probably write them during the weekend.</p>

<p>i think it might be too late, sorry :-/</p>

<p>I'm not sure why this is difficult, but I think what you should do is give them at least one now. That way they can write the rec - and when you give them the rest - they just print it out. The forms are pretty standard.</p>

<p>please tell me you guys are friends are applying to caltech and upenn and they are gonna ask for recs in mid nov.....i mean the apps are DUE in january....except i dont THINK its too late</p>

<p>what's sooo hard about it???</p>

<p>its not hard, im just trying to gather my information ....and i need time to do that...and so im saying ill do it this weekend, and give it to them on monday...</p>

<p>You can't ask teachers to write anything that must be mailed the same day! What's there to "gather"? Print out the forms, address the envelopes and give it to them - at least those due Nov.1! It is rude enough to expect them to do it on the weekend. There is no way you can expect them to do it all on Monday.</p>