How liberal is OWU & general feedback?

<p>I have been accepted to OWU and just received my financial aid package which has been the best so far, but doubled the loans. It is an option though. I have already axed five schools (Lawrence, Hiram, Ursinus, Lenoir-Rhyne, and Flager) because of bad fa packages. Earlham is also in the running. I am still waiting for the following fa packages: Clark, Wooster, Holy Cross (still waiting for decision), Hobart (still waiting for decision), Allegheny, Juniata, Wheaton (MA), and Knox. </p>

<p>How would you compare OWU to the other schools on my list? I am worried about how liberal it is. McCain was the commencement speaker in 2010, which doesn't seem like a very good sign. I am more artsy and mainstream, but I am not hippy or preppy. I plan on double majoring in journalism and drama. I have got the sense from the admissions counselor that OWU is pretty moderate (a lot of conservatives and liberals). Also, is OWU really sports orientated and have a lot of athletic kids? It just seems like there is a lot of lacrosse students, lol. I just read that about 30% of guys are in frats. How big of a culture is greek life? Honestly, it would be a bit of a turn off for me. But I'm open minded.</p>

<p>I'm from Metro Atlanta if that means anything. Thanks!</p>

<p>My son also was admitted, and received a generous financial aid package including a Godman scholarship ($18K/year) and an institutional grant ($8K/year). This makes OWU affordable to our family. We would very much like to hear replies to your questions from current OWU students or recent graduates. </p>

<p>My brother graduated from OWU in the early 1980s, went into accounting at a large national firm, and is a very successful small business owner today. He seemed to have a good time socially, and didn’t have the option of traveling back to our hometown often while attending OWU. Politically, I think he’s mellowing as he ages - early in his career, he seemed less tolerant of people who could use a helping hand than he does today. Maybe he has seen friends fall on hard times? Dunno. In any case, his time on OWU campus was a LONG time ago.</p>

<p>Thanks for starting this thread, and I hope we both learn more about the OWU culture.</p>

<p>oh - his #1 choice is UVM (will hear at 5pm today) and he also has been admitted to RIT and Bryant so far. He is waiting to hear from UCONN, UMASS, and Bentley.</p>

<p>You know McCain is a conservative, right?</p>

<p>Well, if C o l l 3 g 3 P r 0 w l 3 r is any indication, OWU is a rather liberal school. When my son & I visited it this past August, I got a liberal (but certainly not crunchy granola) vibe.</p>

<p>S is a freshman at OWU and we’re thrilled with the school. He’s had a bit of a tough adjustment, and the staff - advisors, etc. - have bent over backwards to help him. This is our primary focus. As far as politics, H and I are conservative and so is S. He says OWU is liberal but that no one tries to shove a point of view down his throat. My feeling is that outside of Hillsdale and places like BYU, ALL colleges are liberal and generally quite intolerant of diversity of thought. I say this both as a parent who spent the last two years visiting colleges all over the northeast and as an adjunct professor of English in a major metropolitan area. As such, I am afraid to say anything that might reveal my political leanings since I am close to certain that if anyone knew my real feelings, my contract would not be renewed. OWU seems way more tolerant than the place that I teach! In any case, S doesn’t generally find it to be an issue.</p>

<p>In the northeast, most LACs do lean left of center, as does the majority of the population. That said, there are plenty of colleges that lean right. </p>

<p>Serendipitously, when I logged in today to the site noted in post #5 above, the Most Conservative Schools list was featured. You’ve mentioned schools #1 and #18 in your post above. Most schools towards the top of the list are indeed in the south or midwest. Those which aren’t appear to be Christian/Catholic. Bucknell (in PA) is one that I understand to lean right – it’s #287 on the list. Hope College (MI) is #76. Providence (RI) is #35. So they exist, but do appear to be the exception in the northeast.</p>

<p>Glad to hear that OWU was helpful in helping smythicSon to adjust – expatSon may well wind up there this coming fall.</p>