How liberal?

I heard Dickinson is a very liberal college. Is this true? I’m moderately conservative and am wondering how this would be affected

I would not say it is particularly liberal. Most colleges are liberal, and Dickinson is pretty middle of the road when compared with its peers.

This kind of question is always difficult to answer because so much is in the eye of the beholder however in the spectrum of east coast LACs, I’d put Dickinson in the middle of the spectrum.

My D will be attending in the fall. We are a very conservative family and were not concerned by anything we noticed at Dickinson when visiting or researching online, especially in contrast to some other LAC’s we considered (like Wesleyan and Bryn Mawr). This may be due to Dickinson’s location, which is not New England or urban. The school is really strong on the environment and sustainability, and that is one more traditionally liberal issue with which we can agree.

My D1 attended. We are pretty liberal, but she definitely had conservative friends there. And compared to some of the LACs in D2’s consortium, Dickinson is not particularly liberal.

It’s moderate, with a good representation of views.

As a Republican and active member of College Republicans on Dickinson’s campus I recommend another school for the conservative leaning. Republicans are extremely ostracized on campus, face cyberbullying, and even death threats. I’ve had my dorm room vandalized and the college does absolutely nothing since conservative views don’t match the college’s ideology.

I think you are describing moderate liberals nowadays! The historical liberal bias has transformed into a pogrom against conservatives on campuses.

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Seriously? “progrom”
Someone needs a history lesson