How likely am I to be accepted into UofT with my SAT scores?

Hi, I am international student applying to the University of Toronto.

I received my SAT scores this morning and was crushed by the results (1180: 520 Math, 660 Reading, 6/3/6 Essay).
I’m a senior and this was the final chance I had to take the SAT.

My high school GPA is 3.75 unweighted/4.2 weighted, I am ranked 103 of 612 in my class, and am currently dual-enrolled with a local college (college GPA 3.75). I held leadership positions throughout high school, as well. What are my chances of being accepted into UofT, specifically Management?

Thank you.

U of T requires a minimum SAT score of 630 on each section of the SAT and at least a 6 on each writing section for non-engineering programs. Unfortunately, your chances are zero with your current SAT scores.

There are a lot of very good universities in Canada. I am sure that there are some that would be a better fit than Toronto.

I agree with @DadTwoGirls . I never recommend the Scarborough or Mississauga campuses (which are the only ones with a management program) for international students. Most of the students who attend those campuses commute from home. There is not a lot to do nearby.

If you are particularly interested in Toronto, look at Ryerson University.

Unlike US colleges if minimum requirements are not met you are denied.