How Likely Will I Be Rescinded From Berkeley?

Hey guys, this semester I might end up with under a 3.0 with a 2.88 cumulative. This breaks the “GPA must be higher than a 3.0” requirement for Berkeley. The class I’m might be getting a C in (physics) is a non-major, non-IGETC course. After reading a couple posts on here, some have said that I’m in danger while others said I have nothing to worry about. How screwed am I if I end up getting that C?

Current GPA: 3.9

Current grades (assuming worst case) (all non-major, non-IGETC):

Assembler - P
Circuits - A
Physics - C

I’m an instate transfer student for reference.

Hello - if you have a 3.9 GPA currently, how would one C put you back at 2.88, especially since it looks like you have an A in the other class.
I hope the C as non-major non IGETC perhaps then won’t matter too much.

I meant 2.88 for the semester. I need a 3.0 for the semester to not break the conditions of admission. I’ve heard from some that Berkeley is quite lenient, but have also heard that they are strict in some cases regarding their terms.

You need to contact the school. Nobody here can give you a definitive answer.

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